The GEMFM program

The Global Executive Masters in Financial Management is a part-time executive program with a global reach, offered by IESDE School of Management. It has been designed and developed by the GEMFM Global Network, an organization of financial professionals and educational experts from 4 different continents.

The GEMFM program enables its participants to make better, well-informed decisions to address financial problems. The GEMFM offers executives working in the financial sector or in other environments in which finance plays a crucial role an outstanding program to keep track with the latest developments in financial management.

  • To provide participants with an up-to-date view on both theory and practice.
  • To strengthen the participants’ ability to keep pace with future developments.
  • To make participants acquainted and familiar with the most important tools for problem analysis and decision support.
  • To promote a problem-oriented approach to financial management, in which finding an approximate solution to the precise problem is preferred to finding an exact solution to some approximate problem.
  • To promote awareness for the international aspects of and contingencies within the financial world.
  • To provide participants with skills for communication within both the national and international financial world, skills for ‘getting things done.
  • To provide participants with an understanding of the legal, social and ethical aspects of financial management.

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  • The GEMFM program is accredited by The International Board for Quality Assurance and Accreditation of Executive Financial Education (IBQA), and the American Academy of Financial Management (AAFM). In addition, it is certified by the Mexican educational authority (SEP-RVOE).
  • The Global Executive Masters in Financial Management program includes an optional Study Tour in New York, which incorporates simulation training by ProBanker (it accounts as an elective course); student and staff exchanges, and integrated curriculum.
  • The sessions are offered by lecturers with extensive experience in executive education from top universities in Europe, the U.S., Middle East, and Mexico, among others.
  • The program goes into the principles, core concepts and results of corporate financial management, investments, and financial markets. These topics are approached with amulti-dimensional and interactive focus, including topics like leadership and decision making, bridging the gap between theory and practice.
  • The program approaches financial decision making and analysis from a managerial perspective (with an eye for context and successful action), taking account of the (more general) insights and evidence from the study of finance.
  • It is designed to maximize knowledge sharing; dialogue-driven lessons engage students in cross-cultural discussions with educators and peers.
  • During the elective courses, the program provides the opportunity for participants to specialize in finance or in management.